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  Located at the west part of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, XiXi Wetland, which is the first and only national wetland park in China, covers 10.64 square kilometers totally. The park is densely crisscrossed with six main watercourses, among which scatter various ponds, lakes and swamps.
  XiXi Wetland has a history of more than 1800 years and an abundant cultural heritage.The wetlands used to rank as a famous scenic spot along with the West Lake in ancient times. However, the ecological and cultural treasures that made Xixi Wetland unique in the past were in danger of being lost forever, due to the result of urban expansion and human activity.
  The project of reclamation was launched in September 2003 and is expected to reclaim an area of 10.08 square kilometres of wetlands by 2007. It involves renewing natural and historical wetlands that have been lost or degraded, and returning some of these ecosystems to their approximate pre-disturbed conditions. The former villager, about 624 households have been relocated to other areas to make way for the new zone in the first phase of the wetlands reclamation. Moreover, more than 270 biological species have been introduced to heal damaged natural systems.The daily number of visitors to the site also has been limited to that number to better protect its ecological integrity.
  Xixi Wetland Park has set a good example on striking a balance between environmental protection and tourism for the country's wetlands' protection.
  We should make use of wetlands' economic value associated with recreational and commercial functions, while allowing their natural functions to be reclaimed. Through the opening of the park, people will grow to understand the importance of wetlands conservation and will be more familiar with the interesting wetlands wildlife.
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