>> Lakes in hangzhou
  The hypsography inclines from the southwest to the northeast. The water system of the plain in the east is well developed, with rivers interlaced and lakes distributing over the area. In this region, there are totally over 1100 watercourses, which add up to 3500 kilometers in length, and the total area of all kinds of lakes and pools is more than one hundred square kilometers. According to the data, Hangzhou is a typical water region. While in the west foothill highland, the rivers, such as Xin’an River and Fuchun River, and other rivulets run through valleys and basins. Over 20000 reservoirs and ponds in different size located is the hills, the capacity is up to 23 billion cube meters in total.
  The picturesque scenery makes Hangzhou a charming city. All along the thousands years, water resource has contributed a lot to the development of our city.
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