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  he city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, is famous for its scenic beauty. The popular saying, “There is heaven above, but there are Su(zhou) and Hang(zhou) below” reflects this, and for this reason, we named our website “The Scenery of the Heaven”.
  The website is set up by HangZhou Municipal Bureau of Forestry & Water Resoures in the beginning of 2004. Our objective is to let the public have access to the information on the abundant forest and water resources in the Hangzhou area and on the historic culture of the city, as well as supplying all kinds of useful information to meet the needs of our users. Since the first day our website ran, there have been more than one million visitor on our web, that is over three thousand visitors per day on the average. The site has remained in the front ranks of the municipal governments subnet, and is one of the most prominent sites in Zhejiang province’ field of Forestry and Water resources.
  Additional, our website provides services such as members pages, E-mail box, online storing space, short messages and live feed. What’s amazing is that all of these services are free of charge.
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